Traveling… Alone?

People have all sorts of travel companions. Family, friends, significant others, etc. What about traveling with no one but yourself?

I’ll admit it, when I first heard that people travel alone for leisure, I was surprised. I thought the idea sounded boring. Why travel alone when you can travel with friends or family. And if friends or family aren’t available to travel, wouldn’t it be better just to wait until you can do a trip with other people?


But upon further review, there are actually some great things that can come out of traveling alone. For some statistics on how often people travel alone, see the following article.

1. Only your schedule

Often when traveling, you have to make compromises with the people you are traveling with. You may want to eat at this restaurant, but no one else wants to. Or you may want to wake up early and get the day going, but everyone else wants to sleep a little longer. Regardless of what the conflict of interest is, this never happens if you travel alone.

When traveling alone, you do what you want, when you want. Thus, you never have to compromise on the things you are most interested in doing, but instead can do all of them.

2. Never wait for someone else

At times when traveling with other people, someone holds the group back. Maybe they are just tired, or maybe they just aren’t interested in what’s going on. Either way, if you travel alone, you only wait on yourself. You can do things at your own pace, and never have to worry if you are holding others back, or if they are holding you back.

3. Meet new people

At some point when traveling alone, you are going to talk to someone you don’t know, purely because you do not want to be silent during your whole trip. This could be asking someone questions during a tourist activity, or just talking to someone at a café or bar. Regardless, this opens the door to meeting new people, which can lead to hearing new stories, possibly helping you discover new experiences to try that you otherwise would not have found.


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