Travel and Sports

Every week, people travel the world following their favorite sports team. This can mean traveling just a few hours by car or train, or more ambitious trips requiring a plane ride.

These avid sports fans often find themselves in a new stadium, where you can never quite be sure of what to expect. I am fortunate enough to have been to many professional sporting events in my life, and have often found myself at a new stadium. What follows is a list of dos and don’ts if you find yourself traveling to a new sports stadium.

DO get to the stadium early. You never know what a stadium may have to offer in terms of activities, tailgates, or events surrounding the game. You don’t want to be in the situation of finding something interesting to do at a stadium, but then not having enough time to do it. If you’re planning on hosting a tailgate, even at an away stadium, make sure you check out this tailgate guide.


DON’T take too many photos. While photos are obviously great to have for various reasons, recently I’ve noticed people uploading 50-100 photos from going to one sporting event. At some point, people are missing the game and the atmosphere just to take photos.

DO pick up tips from local fans. Whether it be information about the stadium or great places to grab food or drinks after the game, the home fans always know what’s best.


DON’T be too bold with your away fan gear. I’m sure hardcore fans will disagree with this point, and I’m not saying don’t wear any gear. However, showing up head to toe in your team’s gear and colors can be asking for trouble. Once when I was at an NFL game in the winter, someone I was with wore her warmest coat, which happened to be the color of the away team. We had snowballs thrown at us throughout the game, because home fans thought the coat indicated we were supporting the away team.


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